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Summer Fishing Spectacular

As the coho salmon spring season has wound down, the summer mix is coming into swing. Lake trout, king salmon, coho, and steelhead have been hitting the lines. The warmer waters has kept the brown trout at bay. The spring coho season was phenomenal and we're showing signs of having a great summer fishing season as well. The bait fish have been bountiful in Lake Michigan and we anticipate they'll keep the fish fed and growing. The Twenty Four VII and Twenty Four VII 2 have been starting a little earlier catching that pre-sunrise bite. If you enjoy fishing and need an excuse to get out on the big lake, don't hesitate call today and we'll get you set up. We have 2 large boats with plenty of room for your crew to relax and reel in the lines with some darn good fishing. Kenosha Wisconsin is the place to fish!


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