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Spring is Fast Approaching- Salmon Fishing Charter in Kenosha

Kenosha Salmon Fishing Charter in Spring on Lake Michigan.  Customers with their salmon catch from fishing with Twenty Four VII Charters.
Coho Salmon Fishing Charter On Lake Michigan in April

Twenty Four VII Charters, Captain Frank here. Fishing update on Salmon & Trout Fishing Charters in Kenosha: We have been hard at work on the Twenty Four VII (blue boat) and Twenty Four VII 2 (white boat). New carpeting has been put on both boats. We've got a new couch on the blue boat for that added fishing comfort after reeling in a big one. We like to have comfortable seating for everyone to relax. The Kenosha harbor has been open for a while so the marina is going to start putting boats in the water in the coming few weeks. Lake Michigan charter fishing in the spring is a great time to catch the tasty coho salmon. We have so many good recipes for cooking coho salmon on our recipes page you should check them out. Coho salmon is a very healthy fish. We catch them on Lake Michigan where they eat the alewives that are coming in to spawn. We've had a mild winter in Kenosha, Wisconsin which will also cause them to move up the Lake Michigan Lakeshore sooner than the typical May due to the alewives coming in from the deeper waters sooner to spawn. Last year we had the same pattern and were catching large numbers of coho salmon at the end of March on our Lake Michigan fishing charters. Kenosha fishing charters offer a great spot where coho tend to stick around as we have deeper water closer to our harbor. As we get closer we'll talk more about all the great things a fishing charter out of Kenosha can offer. Come back to read more so we can keep you updated on Twenty Four VII Charters Lake Michigan Salmon and Trout fishing.


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