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Coho Salmon a.k.a Silver Salmon

Have you ever ate Coho Salmon also known as Silver Salmon. They are some of the healthiest and best tasting fish out there. Right now is the time to get out on Lake Michigan and catch a limit or close to a limit of fish. Kenosha fishing is hot right now and the bait fish are in close spawning which is great. I'd love to get you and your group out on one of my charter boats so you can experience the quick action fishing and have a some great meals of coho salmon for you and your family and friends. Twenty Four VII offers comfort and many years of knowledge of fishing on Lake Michigan. Do you love King Salmon, Brown Trout or Lake Trout? They are even hitting the lines now but there time is coming up in the summer months into the fall. We look forward to having you out on our charter boats and would love to hear about how you cooked your salmon and also what you thought about it! Happy Fishing!!


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